LAPS Artist New Membership Application
To become an artist member of LAPS, one can be juried in during the LAPS National biennial exhibition or during the twice yearly membership jury.
A jury of 3 LAPS members meets twice a year in the Spring and Fall to review images and prints presented by applicants ( see below)  for artist membership.
All other LAPS membership levels are open year round for application.

Please download and print a copy of the membership application. Mail the completed application form with your materials for the jury and a check to the address below.

Send to :
Mary Sherwood
/ LAPS New Membership

LAPS New Artist  Membership Application

Make your check or money order payable to: "LAPS" or use PAYPAL

Applicants should submit one of the following:
The Los Angeles Printmaking Society invites printmakers to apply for membership. Applications will be juried by distinguished members of the LAPS community. Artists may apply by submitting either a portfolio of original work, a CD of 6 images or an email of 6 images.

Portfolios: A portfolio of six prints, at least one of which must be a traditional editionable printmaking process, such as intaglio, relief, lithography and etc.  Traditional with digital combination also accepted, with traditional being the major component of the image. No reproductions in any medium. Please indicate the process for each piece. Work need not be matted, but should be protected. LAPS will not accept framed work and will not be responsible for loss or damaged works from any cause. Artists may wish to carry their own insurance.

CD or EMAIL: Digital images of six prints made using a fine art process, such as intaglio, woodcut, lithography, screenprint etc, at least one of which must be a print from an edition. These may be submitted by email or on a CD as JPEGS. The digital images should adequately reflect the original print and give the reviewers a sense of how the print fits on the paper, including the edge of the paper. No cropped images please. -The JPEG file names should include both the artist’s name and title, such as P.Picasso.Dance of the Fauns.jpg.
-Files should be of good quality, 200 DPI with a maximum size of 10 inches in any direction. The digital image should adequately reflect the original print and give the reviewers a sense of how the print fits on the paper.
-A hardcopy information sheet including the artist’s name as well as the title, media, year of creation, and dimensions of each piece should be included in the email or the envelope.

A self-addressed stamped envelope must be included if you wish to have your CD returned. If email is too large to send; use to send files to “”  

How to submit your materials:

Local drop off: Artists may drop off their materials or portfolio  before the jury meeting date listed on the membership application. Pick-up will be the following the jury or the following day, by arranged pickup. *Check time and date posted on the 
New Member Application.

Mail: Out of town applicants may mail their portfolios in a reusable carton and must include return postage. Mailed application materials must arrived by Thursday, before the Saturday Jury meeting date. Materials arriving after this date will not be considered.

Address and contact information:
LAPS New Membership/
830 1/2 N Citrus Ave.