Briar Press; Letterpress and Book Art

Build Your Own Etching Press

Digital Atelier: Printmaking for the 21st Century

Encaustic Monotypes

Masterprintmaking Printmaking Resource Guide

Monotypes and Monoprints

New Directions in Printmaking

Non Toxic Printmaking

Print Exhibitions-IFPDA

Printmaking Handouts from WSU

Printmaking Links at MTSU

Printmaking Q&A

Researching Prints at the NY Public Library

Rutgers Art Library -Prints and Printmaking

Solar Plate

Southern Graphics Conference International

Squeegeeville/Screenprinting A-Z

UCLA Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts

Welcome to Printmaking Teachers

What is a print from MOMA?

Woodblock Printmaking

World Wide Arts Resources

World Printmakers

The above links are information sites that are recommended for printmakers to browse.