Fun fundraiser? Sunday December 7th, from 1PM to 4PM kicks off our month long fundraiser. We are raising funds for the 20th National and our coming busy year.

LAPS is holding several fund raising events around our two Membership shows at LA Artcore Gallery and at CAFAM, Craft and Folk Art Musuem.

Members are encouraged to make small ART; just large enough to fit into a CD jewelcase. All donated art will be prominently displayed at the exhibition events.

Prints are 4.75" x 4.75" and any media of print ready for jewelcase are welcome!

These prints will help support the upcoming 20th National in October 2009. This will be a big year for printmaking in California. There are lots of opportunities for our members to participate. Join in the "fund"!

And don't forget to join us at LA ArtCore for the first official Jewel Case Fundraiser! Sunday, December 7th, from 1PM to 4PM.

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Julita Jones

Julita Jones