OT Gallery of Tustin, CA. announces a special juried exhibition with curator Pat Merrill and juror Mike McGee:
"One hundred and fifty years ago in November 1859, Charles Darwin published Origin of Species. The ideas expressed in that volume continue to reverberate today. Although Darwin’s major contribution to evolution theory was the idea of natural selection, the whole notion of change, man’s place in the natural world, the identity of a change agent, the future of the world, and many other momentous ideas were called into question.
It is no wonder that many consider his book to be one of the most important works ever written.
How do we, as artists, deal with the whole idea of evolution and change? Is it something of importance to us? Do we have control over it? Is it positive or negative? Do we even accept the idea? These are just some of the themes we wish to examine in this show."

Entry due date by July 13,2009