Southern California consists of several cities, miles of freeways and a million or more things to see and do. From the beach, to the mountains, to the desert, the area is almost always brimming with activity and people. Which makes a move, or even a visit to the Los Angeles area at times confusing and intimidating as one tries to gain an understanding of the geography of the area, deal with traffic, and take in all the area has to offer. We have put together these resources to help those who are interested to gain from a little insight on the area. If nothing else this can help you decide if you need the 101, 110, or the 10 to get to your destination.

General Los Angeles and Southern California Information
Experience LA!
General Information on where to go and what to do includes a calendar section. Great site!

LA City Guide
Your City, Your Guide

Not for Tourists Guide to LA
This website and book gives great information on the city and where a grocery, bank, and other life essentials (coffee shop?) are in each area of the city.

Southern California Traffic
Sigalert Real time traffic reports for Southern California
A very useful site for checking traffic before heading out.

KCRW – Santa Monica National Public Radio
Best known for its Sounds Eclectic program.

KPCC – Pasadena National Public Radio

Los Angeles Public Traffic
Not something that the city is known for, but it does exist!

Surf Report
The die-hards swear by it.

Los Angeles Restaurants
Reviews and reservations by neighborhood, price, and cuisine.

Art and Such in Los Angeles and Southern California
LA Art Supplies
Listings throughout SoCal

Blick Art Supplies
West LA, LA, and Pasadena

Pearl Art
Los Angeles and Huntington Beach

West LA

LA Weekly
Weekly magazine covering life in Southern California. Great reviews for music, art, and food.

LA Times Gallery and Museum Calendar Page

Art Slant
The inside spot for art buzz and events.

Art Blogging LA
An insiders view of the LA artscene.

Art Scene
Gallery and Museum listing for Southern California

Public Art in LA
A great listing of the murals, sculptures, and other art pieces dotted across the city, in sometimes unexpected places.